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What began as one crafter’s wish to bring smiles and comfort to congenital heart patients and their families at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with her handmade cards has grown into a card drive, bringing smiles to heart patients beyond Columbus, Ohio.  If you love cardmaking and love bringing joy to others with your cards, we invite you to come takes part in Cards for Little Hearts with us.

COVID-19 UPDATES (MAY 25, 2020): Card drive CLOSED for the remainder of 2020

There will be no winter & holiday cards collection this October. Furthermore, the monthly General Cards collection is permanently closed.  Check back often for the latest updates of when the card drive will reopened. Please stay healthy.  For more information on how to protect yourself and love ones from COVID-19, please visit the CDC’s website at https://www.cdc.gov/.


here's what we accept

Heart-Themed Cards


Cards with heart designs using general sentiments. No Valentine's Day cards please as cards will be distributed throughout the entire February's Heart Month.
See GUIDELINES section below for details.

Winter & Holiday Cards


Cards with winter designs using general sentiments and holiday cards. Keep all holiday cards nonreligious and if possible, use "Happy Holidays".
See GUIDELINES section below for details.


Before You Make

We can only distribute cards that fit the following guidelines.  Please do take a moment and go through them before making your cards.  The overall guidelines are the same whether it’s for heart-themed or winter and holiday cards, with exception to the theme’s design.

***As you pick out image and sentiment to use on your cards, please keep in mind that you are making the cards for hospitalized patients.  If you do not think the image or sentiment is suitable for patients, please do not send them.***

  • Anyone can help make and send in cards, including young children.
  • Cards must be HANDMADE. No exception.
  • Theme Design: Make cards for the collection you wish to participate in: Heart-Themed (January) or Winter/Holiday Cards (October).
  • See COLLECTIONS section above for collections date.
  • SENTIMENT: can be handwritten, stamp, or computer generated sentiments. Use general sentiments for heart-themed and winter cards. For holiday cards, keep it simply "Happy Holidays" as not all patients celebrate Christmas and help make it easier for hospital staff to distribute out the cards.
  • CARD FRONT: include a sentiment. Some good sentiments to use are: Hello, Thinking of You, Just Because, Sending Hugs, Sending Smiles Across the Miles, To A Special Child, You are strong.
  • INSIDE: Leave blank unless cards made by a child. Then have the child write a short, sweet message to the patients, signed with his/her first name, state from, and age. Example: "Sending you a big hug!" - Sofia from Ohio, age 6
  • BACK: Can include your full name as well the Cards for Little Hearts' card watermark (see PRINTABLE section). DO NOT include your mailing address, email or phone number. Heart Center staff cannot distribute cards with this information.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM: Include with your cards so we can notify you upon receipt of your package. See PRINTABLE section.
  • HOW TO PACK: Use a padded envelope or cardboard box to ensure your cards arrive to us in good condition. Do not overstuff. Cards will get bent. To save postage cost on large volume, use a flat rate box when possible.
  • WHERE TO MAIL YOUR CARDS: For the mailing address, please contact us.
  • Announcement: We are no longer on Facebook or Instagram.


Forms & Badge

Card Acknowledgement Form

Please include with your cards so we have a way of notifying you upon receipt of your package. To download, click on the image icon or title above.

Card Watermark

You are welcome to add this 2-inch circle label to the back of your cards. The file contains a single page of 12, 2-inch circle labels. Microsoft Word doc format.

Share the Message

Kindness matters. Help us share about Cards for Little Hearts by displaying this badge on your blog's sidebar. When sharing on social media, please use hashtag #cardsforlittleheartscarddrive.

Kind Words

from Heart Center Staff

"It was so nice that someone took the time to make cards for our patients and families. They were very detailed and clearly made with love. I hope I will be able to give them out again if more are made in the future." (2016)
RN, Nationwide Children's Hospital
"It literally made the parents’ day. They commented on how beautiful they were, and how nice it was for someone to think of them. I had one parent start to cry. She was so touched." (2017)
BSN, RN, CPA, H4A Program Manager, Nationwide Children's Hospital


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