Cards for Little Hearts is a card drive, comprised of volunteer crafters

dedicated to bringing smiles, hope and encouragement to as many children with congenital heart disease as possible by providing Heart Center staff with handmade cards that are given to patients during their hospitalization.

Although it cannot cure congenital heart disease, a simple handmade card can have a significant, positive and lasting impact on heart patients and their families.

Our cards represent the love that these children are receiving and assure them they are not alone.  When they feel that love, it gives them hope, lifting their spirits and inspiring strength to continue fighting to get better.

We are tremendously grateful for the generosity and support from card makers around the world for taking part in Cards for Little Hearts and hope that you too can join us.

a single act of Caring creates an endless Ripples

– author unknown



Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect and results in sometimes very complex disease issues that require multiple surgeries and prolonged hospitalizations. The advance in medical care and surgical techniques have improved survival for many of these patients who are born with various forms of congenital heart disease. However, for some congenital heart disease there is no cure and only palliative procedures are able to be performed, which, though imperfect, gives the patients a chance at life. The success of treatment for patients with congenital heart disease has allowed many to become adults. Despite the success, many patients still require many medications, procedures and revisions to improve the prior repairs. For some patients, the only option is to undergo a heart transplant.

The Story

Cards for Little Hearts was founded by Christina Hor (pronounced “Hall”) with the assistance of several crafters on November 24, 2016, Thanksgiving Day.  The card drive was first launched (formerly known as Hug a Heart) on Christina’s hobby blog with the winter-themed holiday cards collection.  During that holiday season, the card drive brought smiles and hope to 171 heart patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  In January 2017, Christina launched the second card drive for heart-themed “Thinking of You” cards to celebrate patients during February’s Heart month.  Three hundred and sixty-four cards were collected.  In November 2017, Cards for Little Hearts’ official website was launched.


Currently, we hand delivered the cards to two hospitals in Ohio:


Anyone is welcome to help make and send cards – from a young child who loves to doodle to an experienced, acclaimed card maker.  Keep the card as simple or as detailed as you like.  However, there are a few important guidelines we ask that you follow before making your cards.


This website is owned and controlled by Christina Hor (pronounced “Hall”), founder of the Cards for Little Hearts.   Please note that Cards for Little Hearts is not an organization, but simply a card drive organized by Christina with the assistance of several crafters to help bring smiles, hope and encouragement to children with congenital heart disease with handmade cards.  Because Cards for Little Hearts is not a charitable organization, your card donations (supplies, labor, packaging and postage costs) do not qualify as a charitable deduction on your Individual Tax Return.

Meet The Founder

Christina Hor is a mother of three, a card maker and self-taught artist who loves to spread joy and kindness to others through handmade cards and arts.  Christina’s journey as a card maker began in December 2006 after she and her husband received a handmade Christmas card from a friend.  In May 2015, Christina joined a group of Heart Center nurses at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) to bring comfort to bereaved parents with personalized, handmade sympathy cards and discovered the deep impact a handmade card can have on the babies’ families, helping them to grieve in a healthy way.  Wanting to spread smiles and hope to other heart patients and their families at NCH, on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, with the assistance of several fellow crafters, Christina launched the first winter-themed holiday card drive on her hobby blog ChristinaHorDesigns and Cards for Little Hearts (formerly known as Hug a Heart) was founded.

Christina resides in Ohio with her husband Kan (Pediatric Cardiologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital), two daughters and son.