No. You cannot deduct the supplies you’ve incurred in making your cards along with labor hours, packaging, and postage costs as a charitable deduction on your individual tax return because Cards for Little Hearts is NOT an organization.  It is simply a card drive organize by Christina Hor from her home.  Also, per tax code, handmade card is not considered a qualify charitable deductible item.

If you include the acknowledgement form with your cards, then we will be able to email you upon receipt of your package.  On the form there is a field for your email address.

For current mailing address, please email your request HERE.

We are in most need for toddle to young adult age group.

It’s fine. But if possible, please use “Happy Holidays” on your cards instead as not all patients and their families celebrate Christmas.

Glitter papers are fine.  No loose glitters as those will get on little ones’ hands and get into eyes.

Good sentiments to use are:

  • Hello
  • Thinking of you
  • Just because
  • Sending Hugs
  • Sending Smiles Across The Miles
  • For A Special Girl
  • For A Special Boy

Yes, as long the shaker pieces permanently secure and won’t come loose.

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