Kind Words

It was really kind and considerate.  It made me smile.

Kayla, Mother of Grayson

It was so nice that someone took the time to make cards for our patients and families.  They were very detailed and clearly made with love.  I hope I will be able to give them out again if more are made in the future.


RN, Nationwide Children's Hospital Heart Center

It literally made the parents' day.  They commented on how beautiful they were, and how nice it was for someone to think of them.  I had one parent start to cry.  She was so touched.


BSN, RN, CPA, H4A Program Manager, Nationwide Children's Hospital Heart Center

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to create such amazing and vivid cards that are so inspirational. I wish you could see the smiles and the impact your cards have on everyone. For many patients it made their day, while for others it went beyond that.

Dr. Kan Hor

Pediatric Cardiologist, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Hi Christina, I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you for your efforts and beautiful cards.  Although not children, our adult patients are still our "babies" and every bit deserving of the special touches.  The cards have been used to send a congratulations and thinking of you.  I just want to reach out to you and all of those involved in making these beautiful cards to say thank you.  Your thoughtfulness is making a difference!


Coordinator, Adult Congenital Heart Team, Nationwide Children's Hospital Heart Center


On behalf of the heart patients and their families, we would like to say thank you to each and every one of the following card-makers for donating their beautiful gift of handmade cards and sharing a piece of their heart with the children and their family.

= frequently participate

= international participant

embarassed = participated in 2019

Lillian Abrams smile
Kristine Auders smile
Verna Angerhofer ♥ smile
Ann Barnes
R. Bartz
Deborah Bird
Sandra Van Blaricum smile
Debi B. ♥
Grace Bowling smile
Edwina Brown ♥
Marjon Bruinsma
Marguerite Brunette ♥smile
Patricia Burby
Angela Caldwell ♥smile
Sue Campbell smile
Susan Carlson smile
Marilyn Caro
Erica Caro smile
Robin C.
Christina Craft
Nina Craft smile
Carol (@creatingincolors) ♥smile
Celia Crutchfield
Carmen Cruz
Kate Deignan ♥smile
Marian D. ♥smile
Rhonda DeLorey
Kristen Dillard
Cindy Dreibelbis
Amanda Duarte
Donna Ellis
Susan F.
Jess Gerstne

Cara ‘Febe’ Giaquinto smile
Natalie Godfrey
Sybilla G.
Helen G.
Hannan G.
Alexis H.
Debbie H.
Ruby Haugen
Rita Held 
Ruth Herriott 
Shirley H.
Bunny Hoyle ♥smile
Gilu Jogani
Megan J. smile
Jackie Johnson
Sheri Jones smile
Julie J. 
Sybrina K. smile
Ann K.
Amy K.
Kathy Kilbane
KT Fit Kitty 
Lori Kobular smile
Char Kochensparger 
Vina K. smile
Izabella Kurdian 
Kanisha Kumar 
Chi Yan Kwan
Paula Kysilka
Jeanie Lai smile
Zaida L.
Niki L.
Andrea LaVigne

Chauntelle Lee
Dottie Leonard 
Sharon Lingenfelter ♥smile
Jamie & John Lufkins
Cara Malmrose smile
Rakshita M.
Judy Marino smile
Ronke M.
Christine Miller 
Charlene Mitchell smile
Jewell Moon
Paola Cubillo Moya smile
Chris Neal
Birgit N. smile
Beckey N.
Karren Olaveson smile
Karen Oliver 
Charlen Otero ♥smile
Vicki Parson
Becky Partan 
Linda Patti
Geri Payne smile
Stephanie P.
Deb Pollock
Fikreta Posurec 
Linda P. & the Walnut Ridge Ladies smile
Barbara Rademacher ♥smile
Nancy Rigoglioso ♥smile
Cathleen Riley
Migdalia Rodriguez ♥smile

Barbara Roe smile
Rannah Romps 
Monique Romero
Linda Rubarski smile
Aslin S. ♥smile
Suzie Schwartz smile
Kathy Schweinfurth
Lenora Scott smile
Sandie Scott
Terry Serman
Pia Skarning smile
Patricia S.
Betty Srb ♥
Amanda Stout
Nancy Taylor smile
Deloris Thiede 
Donna T. smile
Pamela Tetreault smile
Karen Turnersmile
Lim Shor Wei
Elaine Williams
Linda Wiencek
Kasey W.
Lois Wyche
Wizacards smile
Tina Z.